Purple Plastic Face Mask
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Mioyo Designs Plastic Protective Mask,Breathable Reusable Protective Cover Equipment Anti-splash Spray Isolation Shield

Color:  Winter Spring Purple

Yes Scope of Use: Daily Use

Function:Splash prevention

Material: Food Grade Plastic

Style: head style

Usage scenario: office, warehouse, home, high-speed rail, airplane, etc. Wearing a mask for a long time will result in suffocation and oxygen deficiency, and obvious strangulation marks on ears. Wearing a mask to work especially in the office will become a burden, especially for people wearing glasses, who will suffer more and more and have to constantly wipe the fog of glasses. However, this product perfectly solves the above-mentioned problems, is easy to wear, perfectly shields external droplets, has smooth breathing, does not feel suffocated after long-term use, can be used at the same time even if glasses are worn, the glasses do not generate fog, and can be worn outside the mask with a layer of safety protection when taking a high-speed rail or an airplane in a narrow space. The product is very modern, making protection a fashion! FREE SHIPPING

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Purple Plastic Face Mask

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